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Denny McAuley
374 Lincoln Avenue
Woodstock, IL

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                                                          Testimonials from clients.

                                                          I was very happy with all aspects of the inspection.  Thanks for the thorough job!   Marianne, Harvard, IL.

                                                          Denny did an outstanding job on the inspection of our home.  He pointed out many things such as how to operate the thermostat on our water heater, changing of our furnace filter monthly, and to change our batteries in our smoke detector twice a year at the same time we set the clocks ahead or back.  In addition, he answered our concerns about the house in such a manner that we could understand them.  Much to our amazement, he found things in the house that we didn't know we had, which is a good thing.  We will recommend him to all of friends and relatives.     Colleen, McHenry, IL.

                                                          I want to thank Denny McAuley for a wonderful inspection on a home I was showing to my client, which they were purchasing.  The owners stated that the electric had been updated.  Denny's inspection determined that it, indeed, had not been updated and highlighted this in his report.  Because of his inspection, the buyer got a nice credit at closing to upgrade the electric to present standards, which they will do.  Marlene, Realtor, Cary, IL.

                                                          Denny was very personable and friendly as well as being knowledgeable.  He explained everything quite well without making me feel like an idiot or a two year old.  That's a nice skill to have in a technical profession.  Thank you.   Michka, Rockford, IL

                                                          We used another inspector when looking for a house in Rockford and did not feel we received a very good inspection.  We contacted Denny to perform an inspection on a different house we were looking at in that same town.  Not only did he do a superb inspection, he actually knew who built the house we eventually purchased.  We also had him do a follow up inspection to make sure the repairs were completed and completed correctly.  We will definitely recommend him to others.   Karen, Woodstock, IL

                                                          Denny, I am thrilled with your service & quality of the inspection.  Congratulations on putting together an outstanding business model & using technology to its full advantage.  I will continue to recommend your services!  Kim, Realtor, Crystal Lake, IL